Project Description

Graeme Shaw Photo

Graeme Shaw is an artist with a varied background and set of artistic perspectives.  Born in Calgary and raised by a mother who was an artist, he spent his youth living in several different cities across the western provinces throughout his youth. His mother arranged for him to be tutored by numerous professional artists.

In 1970 he started university in the US, but he returned to B.C. and began a nine year stint alternating as a student, an illustrator for the Federal Government and a fine artist.  It was during this time he began exhibiting and being given one man shows in fine art galleries across Western Canada.

In 1980, for  change of pace, he traveled to the NWT where he taught school in Edzo, a small native settlement along the northern reaches of the Great Slave Lake.  During this time he began to paint and sketch the region he was living in.  It was not long before he returned to devoting his full attention to his art.  The work he has done and continues to do of the Canadian north,
ranks him as one of the most successful and prolific artists of northern Canada.

From 1971 when his work first appeared in galleries, Shaw has now been featured in more than 50 one man shows.  His work has become part of an extensive list of public, private, and corporate collections across Canada and internationally.