What is Visual Effects?

Visual Effects is a staple in Yellowknife, owned and operated by long-time northerners since the early eighties. Together, Peter Bent and John Lodge provide high-quality framing and a beautiful local art gallery, served with a the finest customer care, attention to detail and occasionally a bad joke (or several!). All of our frames and mattes are cut and assembled by hand, custom fit to your artwork. The frame and matte colours are carefully chosen to highlight the important parts in the artwork, while presenting together cohesively. We’ll even teach you some of our tricks on how to choose the perfect frame.
The artwork at Visual Effects is purchased from the artists directly, all of whom Peter and John have long standing relationships with. The shop carries a range of art from oil paintings on canvas or prints, to moose hair tufting, to hand made silver jewelry.  Some of our artists are exclusive to us in Yellowknife, you can find out more about them in our Featured Artists section.